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Colectivo Cicatriz Venezuela
Distasteful Collection of Tattoo Designs for the Land of Oil

A collective of young Venezuelan artists pursuing a collection of tattoo art that explicitly reflects from within the daily violence, perils, and sociological aspects of the tragic Venezuelan crisis for people living in the shanty-towns. This group remains anonymous out of fear for the safety of themselves as well as their families.


A caution about the video in the link below: The appearance of the individual presented in this video, along with the distorted sound for the purpose of vocal disguise, is not intended to frighten anyone but serves the purpose of maintaining the secrecy of their identity and safety from those who could inflict harm upon them for speaking out against the terrors of life in modern-day Venezuela.  

Each of the images in the virtual gallery was created as the result of a story told by one or more residents of the shanty towns in Venezuela. Click on each image to read that image's story (in English and Spanish).

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