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Located in northern South America, Venezuela has a rich culture and long history. Despite its abundant oil reserves, Venezuela is in crisis. Many factors have precipitated a massive migration of nearly five million of its 30 million residents. In this Destination Program, the VCAC shares Venezuela's culture surrounding Venezuela's crises and the United States.


We are grateful to Natalya Critchley and her husband, Claudio Mendoza for their tireless support in developing and executing Destination Venezuela. Claudio expresses his love and hopes for the future of his homeland in Mangled Hopes

Destination Venezuela: Culture Amidst Crises

The Venezuelan Tragedy:

Panel Discussion

An Evening of Venezuelan

and American Poetry

Destination Venezuela Summary Video

Destination Venezuela Exhibitions Intro Video

Visit our Destination Venezuela Exhibits

Mangled Hopes

for Bridges

Distasteful Collection of Tattoo Designs

from the Land of Oil

Ode to Democracy,

Long Live the Kings

De! Treat Us


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