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The Venezuelan Tragedy - A Panel Discussion

Presented October 3, 2020, from Vicksburg Michigan

Introduction by Claudio Mendoza

"The Bolivarian revolution also referred to as 21st-century socialism, can be criticized not only for 20 years of inconceivable political and economic mismanagement, class conflicts, political prisoners, and human-right violations, but also for offering the country to Cuban colonization, allowing an unrelenting stronghold within the armed forces, and to the international drug cartels. Vladimiro Mujica spoke about these important points in the context of possible democratic solutions to the political crisis.


Venezuela is at present completely devastated and dysfunctional at the most basic levels: food, transport, running water, electricity, fuels, medicines, information, and public and private services. This situation has caused a massive exodus of nearly 20% of its population (more than five million), and due to a decimated monetary system, most have had to leave by foot looking for work and shelter in the Andean countries. Tulio Hernández has been documenting this endless migration of walking migrants, and Luis Núñez has been finding ways to compensate for the effects of the brain drain on the Venezuelan higher education system.


In the current pandemic and with an entirely rundown health system, Venezuela is a living hell. Marielba Núñez talked about these serious circumstances blanketed under strong press censorship."

The Venezuelan Tragedy Panelists

 Vladimiro Mujica

Cubazuela: Internal War


Tulio Hernández

The Venezuelan Walking

Migrants J'accuse

Luis Núñez

Venezuela: Academy, Heroes and Diaspora

Panel Q&A

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