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Rufus Snoddy
Ode to Democracy, Long Live the Kings

Rufus Snoddy is an American artist currently established in Traverse City, Michigan. His paintings, sculptures, and installations use sundry materials, tree branches and construction debris, emphasizing a concern for texture and an intent to give order to chaos. Rufus further explains “Conceptually, I have a continuing dialogue about illusion and perception, given impetus by the textural content of living in the United States of America as a Black male.” 


In his exhibition, Ode to Democracy, Long Live the Kings, the artist challenges us to not be too comfortable in our democratic society, posing illusory images, often tongue-in-cheek, to provoke dialog. The exhibition was inspired by a poem written in 1998 by Robynn James, "Ode to Democracy, Long Live the Kings."  To read her poem, click here. (Used with permission from the author.) 

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