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2022 Tournament of Writers Winners

2022 Judges' Choice Winner

Rick Chambers - Tuesday's Tie

2022 Award Winners - Fiction

First Place

Junior Division: Hayden Moden

Invasion on Neptune

Young Adult Division: RJ Robertson-DeGraaff


Adult Division: Dustin Colwell


Senior Division: Rick Chambers

Tuesday’s Tie

Second Place

Junior Division Tie:

Autumn Wyatt - Runaway

Brynn Hayman - Doomed to Antarctica

Young Adult Division: Amanda Hamelink

A Dream Come True

Adult Division: Ross Landers


Senior Division: Jon Adams

Fat Head Jon

Third Place

Junior Division: Harper Behrens

Dance Saved Me

Young Adult Division: Sky Lester

Worth the Risk

Adult Division: Aaron Kieffer

Forever’s Sentries

Senior Division: Fred Zemlick

A Story from Freddy’s Pond: The Frog and the Mouse

2022 Award Winners - Nonfiction

First Place

Junior Division: Finnegan Ross

I Like to Study Dinosaurs

Young Adult Division: Jacob Miller

Final Memories

Adult Division: Christina Webb

The Day the Camper Quit

Senior Division: Cynthia Haas

One Touch of Nature

Second Place

Junior Division: Lillian Ross

Deep Blue Mysteries of the Atlantic Ocean

Young Adult Division: Ransom Biskie

Authors of the Past: How They Can Help Us Understand Empathy

Adult Division: Ross Landers

How I Met My Wife

Senior Division: Jeanne Church

Creatures of Habit

Third Place

Junior Division: Flora Najdowski

Wilderness Wildfires

Adult Division: Kristin Youngs

Lessons from Morels

Senior Division: Mark Giacobone

I Saw the Light

2022 Award Winners – Poetry

First Place

Junior Division: Hayden Moden

A Planet in Need

Young Adult Division: Sydney Kaiser


Adult Division: Kyle Johnson

Thunder in the Oaks

Senior Division: Jon Adams

Bald Love

Second Place

Junior Division: Lillian Ross

The Wonders of the Wilderness

Young Adult Division: Hannah Laughery

Car Crash

Adult Division: Hanna Owens

Serpent’s Vigil

Senior Division: Mark Giacobone

I’m Losing

Third Place

Junior Division: Rhys Biskie

Captain’s Pride

Young Adult Tie:

Ransom Biskie – Space

Grace Flanagan – Forget-Me-Not

Adult Division: Simon Thalmann

Walking Alone

Senior Division: Jeanne Church

Beyond Reach

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